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Over 100% to Address Security and Risk Management

All this time, WinToPay pays great attention to transaction security. Risk control safety is the company's key work. Through technical monitoring, system regulation, early warning mechanism and other measures, we strictly guards against the risks in the transaction process, to provide low risk and low cost, high quality service to merchant.

Risk Control System

Network security, system security, fraud prevention system, transaction monitoring, risk warning, internal investigation, process control, risk management program, regular training, data sharing.

Safety Control

Good network security and system stability. WinToPay platform to ensure that the payment gateway is protected from viruses and hackers, to avoid threats due to network security vulnerabilities, has established good cooperation with multiple network security companies, which can provide protection measures for confidential data of merchant transactions.

Order Payment Interface and Certification

In order to ensure that the order transmitted by the merchant to WinToPay payment is not maliciously falsified, WinToPay provides interface authentication for the merchant order payment interface. By verifying the merchant order number, order amount, order date, background operation record, etc., judging whether the order information has been tampered, thereby protecting merchant’s interests.

Digital Signature Authentication

In order to ensure the safe operation of the system and maximize the protection of merchants and customers’ interests, WinToPay has developed a digital signature authentication to ensure the integrity and authenticity of information during the transmission and the identity of the sender, which can prevent faking, counterfeiting, cheating, etc. effectively.

Third Party Risk Control

WinToPay applies a large number of current international advanced technologies in daily risk control, and cooperates with industry-leading risk control service providers to control risks within a reasonable range to ensure website and transaction compliant.

System and Transaction Security

WinToPay has passed the world's most strict and highest-level financial institution safety certification standard - PCI-DSS certification, to ensure system security; 128-256 bit SSL encryption certificate is applied to encrypt the data during the whole process.