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Industry Background and Pain Points

The wave of economic globalization has brought unlimited and broad development space for cross-border e-commerce. The rapid development and maturity of the international e-commerce market has laid a good foundation for cross-border e-commerce enterprises; Traditional Chinese foreign trade enterprises are gradually losing the advantage of low-cost as the traditional foreign trade export market is weak, the labor cost is increasing, the RMB is appreciated, combined with the intermediates, therefore the price of goods to consumers is high; In this climate, the country proposes the “One Belt and One Road” and “Online Silk Road” strategies to encourage and call on traditional foreign trade enterprises to take advantage of this new “Silk Road” to exports more quality products and services to the rest of the world. More and more traditional foreign trade enterprises and domestic e-commerce companies are engaged in cross-border e-commerce business to achieve goods, technology and service sell abroad. Payment is an important part of cross-border e-commerce. It is the link between consumers and goods. How to collect payments from foreign consumers online? What kind of payment method is popular for foreign consumers? How to optimize the payment process to improve the payment experience? How to improve the success rate of payment? With several years experience for first-line market and industry, WinToPay has a good understanding of foreign markets and consumers, can provide comprehensiveinternational payment technology solutions, better user payment experience, and can help cross-border e-commerce companies to collect foreign consumers’ payment better, maximize order conversion rate and payment success rate.


Payment Technology Solutions

— Online Payment:

1)Subscription payment: After the first payment, the customer can automatically be withdrawn the payment according to the subscription period, which can save the trouble of duplicate and renewal, as a result maintain the customer and increase beneficiary; Apply to software service, membership, IDC service and other periodicity pay.

2)In-site payment:Inline encryption technology is applied to embed the entire payment page into the merchant website, therefore entire order and payment are completed on the same page. No need to jump, improve user experience, and order conversion rate.

3)Mobile payment:Full support for Android and IOS mobile payment, support HTML5 payment, help merchants achieve multi-screen collection.

4)3D payment::3D verification means to verify the cardholder's transaction, which can ensure that the transaction is on cardholder's own authorization, then can avoid high-risk transactions such as stealing.

5)Non-3D payment:The international main payment method. It does not require verification. Cardholders can complete the payment by providing the correct card basic information, which is more fit for international payment habits.

— Offline payments:

>Quick collection:Merchants can generate payment request links in the system according to the order information such as goods, amount, name, etc., thereafter send the link to the cardholder through email, etc. After the cardholder accessing the link, the payment is completed. This method can be used for unpaid orders for Amazon, Ebay and other platforms and independent website.

Interface Integration Solutions

— Website Collection:

1)Open source system International card online payment API technology solution helps cross-border export e-commerce to easily accept online payment of Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AE, Diners Card and other international credit cards; Fool-type one-click installation to improve merchant’s performance. Full support for ZenCart, Magento, Opencart, Interspire, Prestashop, Ec-Cube, YetiShare, WooCommerce, osCommerce, ECShop and other international main open source e-commerce systems, and support standard API interface and customization. Wintopay is currently one of a comprehensive domestic company which provide international website payment full technology solutions. It is the first company in China to launch the Ec-Cube international credit card online payment solution, and is still the only company that has an Ec-Cube payment solution.

2) Self-developed system For the independent developed website, WinToPay provides standard international credit card payment API technology interface and Demo, and provides professional technical support and guidance. We help sitebuilder merchants to access Visa, MasterCard, JCB , AE, Diners Card International Credit Card online collection easily and quickly, and support international mainstream .net, PHP, Asp, Java and other programming languages.

— Mobile APP Collection:

Provide comprehensive Android and IOS mobile APP international card payment technology solutions. Help merchant to complete Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AE, Diners Card and other international card APP mobile collection. Java, Kotlin, swift, OC, etc all are supported.

Risk Control Solutions

Whitelist system:Consumers who have had one or more purchase records automatically enter the whitelist system, and the system automatically checks and give corresponding risk score.

Blacklist system:Consumers who have had bad transaction records and behaviors automatically enter the blacklist system, and the system automatically checks and give corresponding risk score.

Real-name authentication system:Automatically analyzes the authenticity and matching degree according to the mailbox, card number, name, phone number, delivery address, billing address, IP, cookie and other information provided by the cardholder, and gives the corresponding risk score;

The risk control engine system:According to the cardholder's behavior, equipment fingerprint, order information, etc, we use the model variable, data operation and other methods to get the risk score.

Third-party risk control system:WinToPay cooperates with industry-leading risk control service providers such as CyberSource and MaxMind, and combines its own risk control system to protect the transaction security.