【2018-04-27】 2018年5.1放假安排:值端午节来临之际,为了便于我公司与各位商户之间安排好端午假日期间的工作,现将"端午"放假安排通知如下: 2018 年端午放假安排为: 2018年6月16日(星期六)至6月18日(星期一),共3天。 2018年6月19日(星期二)正常上班......

Providing payment solution for all trades and professions

As a good-review domestic provider for international card payment service, we provide safe payment solution for international conference, education, game, tourism, B&B online rental platform and so on. We can help them to accept Visa, Master card, JCB, AE, Diners Card etc payment.

Global Payments

Help merchants accept credit and debit card payment all over the world. Visa, Master card, JCB, AE, Diners Card all are acceptable. Reaching 3 billion cardholders, everyone is your potential customer.

service solutions

comprehensive company which provide international mainstream payment technology solutions, including subscription payment, on-site payment, mobile payment, 3D payment, non-3D payment, mail collection, fast collection, etc.; to meet the payment needs of different industries and different application.

Safe risk control

From the network security, system security, transaction monitoring, risk warning, fraud prevention system, order payment interface and certification, digital signature authentication and other sub-control methods to ensure transaction security. The real-name authentication system verifies the authenticity of the cardholder, ensuring that each transaction is cardholder's own transaction, avoiding risky transactions such as stolen card.

Why Choose WinToPay?

We provide you with secure technology and services to make on-line payment successful.

Protected Fund

Professional risk control system and manual risk control team, at the same time cooperate with the risk management companies. To avoid risky transaction and protect merchant’s interests.

Monthly, Quarterly, and Half-year Package Cooperation Mode

With multiple options, merchants no longer worry about channel suspension or shutdown.

Convenient Collection

Collect at anytime anywhere, regardless of time and geographical restrictions